Gaetano Campolongo


First assistant camera operator

New York, New York, United States

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About me

Hello there,

I am Gaetano Campolongo a Camera Assistant with a few years of experience in the camera department. I have had the opportunity to work on differents sets from narrative feature film to music video from corporate and commercials to documentaries. I started my career in Italy as video assist and utility, since then I had the chance to know and have a hands-on experience with various cameras systems from Arriflex 35mm and Aaton Penelope to digital cameras like Arri Alexa, Red and Sony.
I am constantly looking to expand my network because I think that in this industry networking is vital, especially in this industry.
Hope you guys will visit my profile and the projects that I will post and hope to hear from you!Thanks



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  • First assistant camera operator

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  • Milano, Città Metropolitana di Milano, Italia