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Line Producers Global is Leading Line Production Company of India/Asia an arm of Golden Tulip Films; we provide Fixtures, Production Coordinator, Line Producer, Local Producer and Production Planner, Around the World. LP-Global with 17offices in various countries around the world. Line Producers Global has a support of 31 production companies with 3694 work force around the world. The motive of Line Producers Global is to serve, care & enhance the
Production value of your programmes.


We well understand that production in overseas become a nightmare if you are not aware locally or have not appointed a local producer/fixture/line producer. As we are producing productions world-wide over decades, we can easily realise the importance and need of a local person to take care of permissions, crew, locations, geography, social culture, govt. apprehensions, transportation and accommodations. We are here to take care of you as a co-production fellow.

With the experience of 26 years, Line Producers Global has made enormous numbers of Productions and Line Productions for its esteemed clientele and gained trust for the same. Because we believe "You trust on us as we have trust on our experience". Our company enjoys support of a large number of Highly Experienced and Advanced Technicians worldwide.

Line Producers Global is one of the leading line production support company which provides its clients a benefit of three consulting platforms for production and post-production services, location and talent research, and strategic alliance, global positioning and marketing planning.
Our firm provide three tiers Silver, Golden and Platinum Budgeting facilities, we also make budget as per your pocket & requirements, without compromising with quality, and world class broadcast standards and flavour of the production.

We are committed, sincere, economical, transparent, clientele support professionals since 1986.

What We Offer

The key features of the production and post-production consulting & Advisory services are as follows: Develop production and post-production, Budgeting, Permissions & clearance,
Location scouting, Crew- world class (production, post -production) ,Equipment (shooting/ post)HD/ DG/ Alexa/NTSC/PAL, Film, Arri/Panavision,Editing Suits, recording studios etc.,Raw material, Films/ Memory cards/chips, Accommodations (save up to 25% of rates on all hotels/cottages in India),Transportation (vehicles with GPS),OB vans,Set up contacts, interviews, Assistance for making docs and reportages and Researchers

The key features of the location and talent research service include:
» Exploration of location options
» Cost comparisons of various countries
» Initial location and talent research, and
country selection
» Supervise the bidding process in one
or more countries. We have full off line and on line in house facilities. We handle all post production to ensure that your deadlines are met, including:

in-house off line and on line editing full production and post production supervision overseas and direct voice over recording negotiation of original composed or library music to suit your requirements negotiation all music contracts for international usage making sure all end titles and end frame requirements are met ensuring all feasible client comments on edits are acted upon sending the finished film to the BACC clocking all final versions playouts and global localisation


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