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About me

Seasoned filmmaker with over 15 years of international experience in film
and television production.
Started as an online editor and post-production specialist after graduating
Madrid University of Cinematographic Direction, I have acknowledged all
aspects of production process that enabled me to expand my expertise to a
wide range of filmmaking products – from TVC to fashion advertorials, from
music videos to National Geographic documentaries.
After a solid number of projects in Western Europe I have pursued my
endeavors in Asia 6 years ago, orchestrating film production in Japan,
Indonesia, Thailand and China, resulting to speaking the languages of two
of these countries fluently. I have traveled to and worked in 47 countries in
HCMC: +84 122 733 1321
WhatsApp: +86 180 3065 6708
Email: [email protected]
While working for National Geographic, I was managing the entire flow of the documentary creation in manipulating
film pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience, reviewing rough shooting script and raw material to create a
shoot selection list based on scenes value and their contribution to continuity. I also did my job in trimming the
footage segments and putting the sequence of the film together, inputting music, VO, graphics and visual/sound
effects, meanwhile continuously implementing new editing technologies and industry best practices to maximize the
I do not narrow myself to just directing, having the expertise to work with producers, screenwriters, acting and VO
talents, art-department, composers and supporting teams to handle the process end-to-end, as well as being the
creative brain behind the project. However, I am equally capable to bring entitled agencies’ brand ideas to life in the
best package possible.

Website: https://www.hands-on.com.vn

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