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Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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About me

Composer & sound designer.
An eclectic composer for traditional and electronic instruments, sound designer and editor, my world is the sonic landscape of film.

Music/Sound design credits to date:
• 'Medemon' (short film) Composer/Sound designer 2017
• 'Requiem of a Place' (feature film) Sound designer/mixer 2017
• 'I Love Her' Sound editor/mixer (feature film) 2017

Top music tracks for Film & Media (see website & Soundcloud for clips):
• 'Vallcebre' a walk in the mountains, for orchestra, synths & natural sounds (water, nature) 2020.
• 'Escape To' for guitars, synths & samplers 2016.
• 'Cave-Battle' - 2 scenes for a game or epic drama 2000.
• 'Donk' atmospheric title track with electric guitars, synths & samplers 2014.

Music Compositions/commissions to date:
Orchestra, traditional & new ensembles:
• 'Zephyr' for shakuhachi, Japanese percussion, violin & piano for Ensemble Tozai 2004.
• 'Rain Dance' for percussion quartet 2003.
• 'All at Sea' for wind band commissioned by Misnomer Dance for BBC Proms Birmingham 2002.
• 'A Year from Winter' for flute, viola and guitar (SPNM shortlisted work).
• 'Xgen' an electronic score commissioned by Misnomer Dance for performance at the Place Dance Theatre London 1999.
• 'Curiouser Still' for 11 piece ensemble commissioned by Misnomer Dance 1998.
• 'Slower than Quirky' for 4 hammond B3 organs commissioned by Misnomer Dance 1997 for Phoenix Art Centre Leicester and Dijon Dance festival.
• 'Earthwork' for piano, harp, vibraphone and chamber orchestra 1997.
• 'Poses: Energy' for 14 players commissioned for a dance by Mew Chang Tsing in Kuala Lumpa, Malasyia.
• Two Klee Pictures: 'A Tiny Tale of a Tiny Dwarf' and 'Dream City' for string quartet. Performed by the Medici Quartet 1997.
• 'Stop Interrupting' for brass quintet.
• 'Catcher' for alto sax and 7 piece ensemble commissioned for a dance by Sophia Preston.
• 'Duet for One' for oboe solo 1995.
• 'A Journey with Li Yu' for string quintet commissioned for a dance by Mew Chang Tsing.
• Sextet for Strings (homage to Steve Reich) 1995.
• 'Dying to … but Never' for string quartet commissioned for a dance by Elsa Bradley 1994.


Outstanding project

Requiem of a Place


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  • camera-producer-editor
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  • premiere-skills

Ratings and recommendations

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