Hugh McChord


Camera operator

Tampa, Hillsborough County, United States

  • English


About me

I'm Hugh McChord, I'm a freelance videographer, multiple EMMY
winner, have a full production truck of gear and I approve of this message.

WORK ETHIC - these are the two words that define me and they can be a hard commodity to find these days. Add in equal parts passion and motivation and you get - ME!

Only looking for a cameraman - that's me! I'm also a director, sound tech, editor and producer all rolled into one. Need talent - hell yes - I've done that too!! I've got everything covered.

I won't overprice your gig. I won't go over budget. I won't nickle and dime you. I won't be watching the clock wondering when my next break will be. It ain't business as usual.

Those who know me know what I bring to the table - go ahead - ask them, I've listed a couple below! And now you will too. I'm not your usual cup of tea!

Need a couple of references:
Mike Bryant - lawyer, writer, reporter, entrepreneur extraordinaire [email protected]
Mike Waco - senior executive producer of entertainment at Fox News
[email protected]


Outstanding project


  • Camera operator


  • motorcycle-car-truck
  • voice-talent


  • Panasonic HPX2000 P2 Camera
  • Canon Extender Lens and Wide Angle Lens Adapter
  • 2 Camera Top Head Lights (Frezzi dimmable and Anton Bauer HMI)
  • 4 P2 Cards (3 – 32GB and 1 – 64GB)
  • MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro
  • Sachtler Hot Pod and O’Connor Tripod

More work locations

  • Orlando, Orange County, United States