Camera operator, Assistant camera operator

Madrid, Madrid, España

  • English,
  • Spanish


About us

Hi! I'm Iñaki Ochoa a 30 year old camera operator and editor based in Madrid. Together with my collegues in 7 Cuerdas Films I've been in the business since 2008.

Always pushing forward my skills, happy to work with everybody and easygoing.

I always say, if you're gonna do something, you better do it right. And thats is the motto I've been following since I decided I want to be part of the film business. Trying new things, new cameras, new challenges...

Website: http://www.7cuerdasfilms.com

Outstanding project


  • Camera operator
  • Assistant camera operator
  • First assistant camera operator
  • Gimbal operator
  • Steadicam operator
  • Editor / Cutter Audiovisual
  • Camera rental


  • camera-operator
  • steadycam
  • red-camera
  • alexa
  • premiere-skills
  • avid-skills
  • final-cut-skills
  • photoshop-skills
  • producer-skills
  • production-company


  • Red Epic Mx
  • Easy Rig 3
  • Lenses and filters