Ismael Jiménez


Assistant camera operator, Camera operator

Madrid, Madrid, España

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About me

I'm a cinematographer who happen to live in Madrid, but that's not important. I have a degree in Comunicación Audiovisual (Film studies) and studied cinematography at the Instituto del Cine de Madrid, but that's not important either. I've been in the audiovisual business since 2012, sometimes as a freelance, sometimes as an employee, but who cares.

What you do is what's important, and this is what i've done. Sometimes because it was my job, sometimes because i wanted to, but always with great love. Regards.


Outstanding project


  • Assistant camera operator
  • Camera operator
  • DOP (director of photography)
  • ENG camera assistant
  • ENG camera operator
  • First assistant camera operator
  • Video assistant


  • camera-operator
  • red-camera
  • sony-camera
  • cinematographer
  • camera-assistant
  • camera
  • canon-cinema

More work locations

  • Barcelona, Barcelona, España
  • Alicante, Alicante, España