Jordi Azategui


DOP (director of photography)

Girona, Province of Girona, Spain

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Catalan


About me

My palette reinforce the inner worlds of the characters and the relationship with their environment. I love working with international film directors with whom I can develop an artistic partnership. I started in 2004 with commercials, documentaries, and short films; fiction, music, dance, theater, fashion... To go into feature films by the hand of the international movie director Isabel Coixet, working with her as cinematographer, cameraman and editor. Winning Best Photography and Best Editing in the Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2013 for her film “Yesterday never ends” with Javier Cámara and Candela Peña.


Outstanding project


  • DOP (director of photography)


  • cinematography
  • lighting
  • fcpx
  • sony-fs7
  • lighting-design
  • camera-operation
  • red-camera
  • arri-camera
  • blackmagic-camera
  • director-of-photography
  • film-editor


  • BlackMagic Production Camera 4K
  • Broncolor HMI 1200 PAR x2
  • Broncolor HMI F400 OPENFACE

More work locations

  • Barcelona, Barcelona, España
  • Киев, город Киев, 02000