DOP (director of photography), Camera operator

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, United States

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About me

I am a Cinematographer and a Camera Operator.

I own an Alexa Mini package with a Movi-Pro package for stabilization. I have a 5-ton grip truck.

My goal here is to meet and work with as many Directors and Producers as possible.
I also love camera operating for other DP's and make it a regular part of my work year.

I am an associate member of the SOC.

I am not Union yet, but am collecting my days to get on the roster.


Outstanding project


  • DOP (director of photography)
  • Camera operator
  • Gimbal operator
  • Focus puller
  • Director
  • Camera rental


  • photography
  • cinematography
  • editing
  • 1st-ac
  • writing-script-writing
  • director-of-actors
  • movi-pro-operator
  • element-3d


  • Alexa Mini package
  • Movi-pro Package
  • 5-ton Grip Truck

More work locations

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  • Chicago, Cook County, United States
  • San Francisco, San Francisco County, United States
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