Justas Valinskas


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London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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About me

My professional experience began in year 2008 when I joined Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. In 2012 I finished the academy with bachelor diploma. After that followed a Master diploma in Performing arts. In 2014 I took roles in diploma performances based on classic authors such as “Brothers Karamazov” by F. Dostoyevsky, “Ivanov” by A. P. Chekhov and “The man outside” by W. Borchert. All directed by lecturer of acting S. Krivickiene.
In 2012 I took place in a theatre performance “Divine comedy” (based on D. Alighieri) staged by one of the most experienced and well-know Lithuanian theatre directors Eimuntas Nekrošius. The premiere followed world wide tours including multiple performances in Italy, Russia, Romania, Mexico and Poland.
Since 2012 I became a Manager of a young theatre organization called “Theaomai” and organized a couple of international youth theatre projects such as “A.Chekhov. Uncle Vania” (Vilnius, Warsaw), “International workshop based on Shakespeare teksts with SELA" (Tel Aviv) and “A. Chekhov. Ivanov” (Grenoble).
My cinema experience began in 2010 with a production of Discovery History channel where I took role of Lieut. Stuart Archer in series of documentaries called “George cross heroes”. After followed few side-roles in the production of Finnish director’s Marko Makilaakso’s feature film “War of Dead”, ABC TV series “THE ASSETS” and Dir. Bob Mullan’s feature “We will sing”.
My latest work in cinema is an up-coming Polish, Lithuanian and Norwegian co-production called “The man who knew 75 languages” directed by Anne Magnussen and Pawel Debski. In this animated feature I played the main role as Georg Sauerwein. The movie should be premiered in the autumn of 2016.

Website: http://justasvalinskas.portfolio


  • Actor / Actress

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