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Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, United States


About me

You're an independent film maker looking to have a few affordable Hollywood level effects to spice up your film. We're here to help that happen. From work as simple as wire removals and set extensions to full city destruction and creature feature animation, we've already created the pipeline that will help bring your vision to life. Script consultation and breakdowns, on-set VFX supervision, modeling, animation, compositing and more, Lawson Visual Effects has been on the job for over twenty years looking forward to your project!



  • VFX Company / Services


  • maya
  • scriptwriting
  • 3d-animation
  • after-effects
  • lightwave
  • compositing
  • director
  • screenwriting
  • 3d-modelling
  • element-3d
  • storyboarding
  • modo
  • syntheyes
  • vfx-supervisor