Mabel Villagra


Researcher, Script Supervisor

Madrid, Madrid, España

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian,
  • Arabic


About me

I am Mabel Villagra and work since 2003 in Spain and abroad
as historical film researcher and historical advisor on set.

I have particular experience with the Middle Ages/ Reinassance/ Arab&Islamic culture but enjoy the challenge of researching and bring back to the present any and all historical background with great accuracy especially at cultures or periods that are less well known by most people.

Specialties: Historical Advisoring on set and pre-prod, Non-common Language coach (Medieval Latin/Arabic), Historical Costumes / Clothing, Locations, Props, Casting, Acting, Film researching.

On past, I worked as well as script supervisor/continuity on the set for 9 years. This is an extra plus that helped me to improve my work on a professional set and to know the basis of film-researching with a strong interest in and ability to get the details right .

Available for working in Spain /abroad/ online.

Outstanding project

The Cathedral of the Sea / La catedral del Mar


  • Researcher
  • Script Supervisor
  • Research
  • Continuity


  • historical-advisoring
  • historical-researching
  • reenactment
  • 15-years-experienced
  • middle-ages
  • renaissance
  • arab-culture
  • dialog-coach