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Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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About me

I am a South African-born film maker with a passion for documenting indigenous cultures, alternative ways of living, and extraordinary people. I began my film career over 15 years ago in London and am now based in Barcelona.
I have predominantly worked solo, as a self-shooting director, creating content from concept to completion, including commissioned short films, documentaries, music videos, viral videos and event films. My work has taken me throughout Europe, Asia, South & Central America, and The Middle East. 
Over the past 8 years I have been documenting traditional tattooing practices throughout the world for a series called ‘Eternal Ink: Tattoos from the Spirit Worlds.’ This has been a self-funded project that has taken me to Brazil, Peru, India, Thailand, Borneo, Mexico, South Africa, Botswana, Italy and to the tattoo festivals of Europe.

I am also the director of 'Born to Fly: Female falconers of the UAE”, a documentary about female falconers who are breaking tradition by training and racing their own falcons.

While in London I studied various aspects of filmmaking, including directing, film and camera techniques and editing and also taught filmmaking to young aspiring filmmakers.

Before moving into filmmaking, I studied Journalism in London and worked in ethical healthcare PR, mainly as a writer and events organiser.  I now uses my writing and research skills for writing scripts, treatments and researching the subjects that fascinate me.

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  • Sony A7S mk11
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