Marc Estruch Moreno


ENG camera operator, Camera operator

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese


About me

My name is Marc Estruch Moreno and I am 30 years old. Working as a Cameraman since 2007 and I started in a set. Actually spending most of the time in Formula 1 following the world championship and traveling around the world. More than in love with my job and always open to be in new projects with ilusion and trying to do my best.

My dream is to be in involved with the best professionals in cool projects around the world and be learning as much as I can without break.


  • ENG camera operator
  • Camera operator
  • Gimbal operator


  • work-under-pression
  • self-motivated
  • technical-knowledge
  • team-leadeship
  • team-working
  • adaptability
  • self-shooting
  • ability-travel
  • positive-attitude
  • ability-communiat
  • solve-problems
  • analysis-capacity
  • ability-relat
  • knowledge-area
  • work-hard
  • open-mind

More work locations

  • London, Greater London, United Kingdom
  • Madrid, Madrid, España
  • Hamburgo, Hamburgo, Alemania