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I have worked with audio and music in both a studio and live setting for nearly ten years with bands as a performer, and as a technician/recordist.I currently hold an MA in 'Music & Technology'​, a BA (hons) in 'Music Technology'​, and a Fetac level 5 certificate in Radio Broadcasting & Music Management.

I'm quite comfortable with a selection of the digital audio workstations used within the music, film, and videogame industries, and have some experience with several video editing applications. The theses for both my BA and MA are "Game Audio/Music"​ focused, and my primary software for working with game audio are Unity and FMOD (middleware).

Currently I'm freelancing as a sound mixer / audio post producer for films. Generally my responsibilities encapsulate all of the audio post work ranging from Sound Design and Foley, to Mixing and Repairing audio.
In my free time I direct, capture, and produce, high quality audio, music, and video content for the web.

Full list of IMDB credits can be found at:

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  • Sound Production Company / Services


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