Mireia Ibarzo


Digital effects

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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About me

I am Mireia Ibarzo, 28, graduated in Film and Television at the Faculty of Communication Blanquerna. I specialize in realization and editor. I did the the internship of editor assistant and then I was doing several projects. I gained experience and wanted to enter the world of postproduction, 3D, animation and special effects and digital. I amazed by the idea of creating an illusion for the spectator to be immersed in a world, in a place or in a situation that could not be obtained in real life. So, I decided to learn by doing the Master of Animation and VFX in the ESCAC which ends in July. I have done some projects, I have the tools and the knowledge of the software and I would like to keep practicing my knowledge.

I want to create my own way in the audiovisual postproduction and learn all of this world. I will have opportunity to be close to other professionals and enhance my skills. I have motivation to work, desire to create and enthusiasm.

My profile is focused on FX, 3D generalist and Motion Graphics. Like I said before I am a person with a desire to learn constantly, organized, I like the challenges and work as a team.

In my opinion, Cinema, Series and Advertising give us the chance to generate different sensations, turning them into something real. The unusual ability of telling a story that at first sight could be the same, but wonderfully this story can change according to the person who explains it, the way that is shown and of course to who interprets it.

Website: https://vimeo.com/192900871


  • Digital effects


  • adobe-premiere
  • final-cut
  • davinci
  • cinema-4d
  • nuke
  • maya
  • after-effects
  • adobe-illustator
  • adobe-photoshop
  • zbrush
  • houdini-fx
  • mudbox
  • arnold