Olaf G



Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland


About me

Olaf Grote, based out of Berlin, Germany, composer, sound designer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, audio mixer and producer. Wide variety of different musical instruments and styles, I compose using all sorts of sounds ranging from rock and popular music to classical and orchestral, experimental, folk and world music. Having permanent access to my personal project studio I can work remotely via internet and be very flexible, time and cost efficient.

Touring playing guitar for Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group for over 9 years I am constantly experiencing many different cultures and musical styles, sounds that constantly inspire my music. I create and compose using guitars (electric, acoustic, pedal steel guitar, banjos, bass etc.), piano, as well as all sorts of percussions, foley props, electronic machines for sounds and noises.

Always available for creative projects, please inquire & get in touch, thank you!


  • Composer