Outback Productions


Audiovisual Productions, Video engineer (BC)

Maro, Andalucía, 29787

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Swedish


About us

We're Swedish professionals that made our way to the south of Spain. Here we run our production company for our own productions directly in contact with the end customer and and also do work for larger production companies.
We're doing everything from full productions and reportages to location scouting, shooting and managing.
We speak English, Spanish and Swedish

Website: http://outbackproductions.eu

Outstanding project

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  • Audiovisual Productions
  • Video engineer (BC)
  • ENG camera operator
  • Film Production Services
  • Journalist
  • Researcher
  • Video journalist
  • Location manager
  • Location Scout
  • Runner


  • tv-filming
  • tv-production
  • editing
  • location-support
  • video-editing
  • local-crew


  • Editing station Mac Pro 2015 Adobe Premiere
  • Dolly with rail

More work locations

  • Málaga, Provincia di Málaga, Spagna