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About me

My name is Patricio Antonio Marquez Verdú I am spanish producer and video director freelance, journalist and writer, photographer, translator of Spanish-English – French as well as an expert in online marketing and audiovisual communication.
During more than 20 years I've been performing and audio-visual production both at the level of television as corporate as well as to provide advice and to provide services of production audiovisual for a multitude of customers in many countries.My productions include corporate videos,television and viral ads,documentaries for television, videoclips and live sports or corporate events especially.As responsible professional I am concerned care to maximize the corporate image of my clients.The use of digital video and audiovisual communication are a powerful tool in the management and the performance of any business or company, for their videos, promotional or corporate events.
I am specialized in productions for rural,farming,enviromental,heavy equipment (farming,construction and mining,industrial) automobile and industrial vehicles.I've produced a lot of audiovisual productions as both recorded or live for several international companies in both sectors.
(Sharesholder´meeting,corporate videos,events,previews,conventions,etc)
The videos in which I participate as producer pose for my clients a real letter to new customers and new markets.That is why I am so careful when designing an audiovisual, its script, its effects and its graphics, integrating it into the overall objectives of the company's corporate communication.
I have always been at the forefront in new trends and techniques of communication incorporating these in my productions.I've characterized by a high quality both content and form, being my philosophy combining the quality of image and sound with the latest innovations in post production and effects 2d and 3d, to a vigorous, dynamic, content precisely in its proposals and to the needs of the customer.
Currently I offer audiovisual communication and marketing services through of creating of press releases, translations the same Spanish to English-French and German and vice versa,corporate video production for communication, marketing, advertising and events as well as different live events both corporate, sporting, cultural, lifestyle and current affairs with the possibility via satellite through of DSNGs vans or streaming .
I hope to have your trust and this offer you my experience for audiovisual productions that require your company as my services of production with the guarantee that has always characterized my professional development.


Outstanding project

UEFA Champions League Final 2010 in Madrid


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