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DOP (director of photography)

Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

  • English


About us

Over the last few years Gary has worked on a multitude of projects that include dozens of short films, TV Commercials and music videos. Every job Is a opportunity to learn or perfect skills and nothing is taken for granted. Film making is a constant voyage of discovery and every job an opportunity to learn. As a self confessed Film Fanatic Gary strives to produce visuals that are common place on the big screen, something that can only be achieved with the right team behind you. There is no place for egos in this industry at this level, just a team of passionate people that love producing art!
His first big break came when he got the role of DOP on a film called ‘Bigger and Badder’ a short horror film set in Birmingham. From here on in other projects started rolling in, some of which went on to become award winning films such as the short film Ascension starring Laurence Saunders.

Since then things have gone from strength to strength after starting his own company Pixel Perfection Media and also a collaboration with other skilled people in the form of The Shooting Crew, now has many short films, documentaries, music videos and corporate projects under his belt.

One of Gary’s recent films was shown on a new BBC3 Series called ‘The Fear’ a six-part series showcasing up and coming film makers and is currently second unit DOP on a new Feature film called 'Milk & Honey' featuring a great cast including Mark Wingett and Claire King.

Website: http://www.pixelperfectionmedia.co.uk

Outstanding project

Milk & Honey


  • DOP (director of photography)


  • cinematography
  • video-editing
  • ligting


  • RED One MX
  • Sony F3
  • Sony FS100