Marco Rossano


Film Director, Audiovisual Productions

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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On the way of the Thousands with my father, 2016

Type of project: Documentary

Category: Film Director

Description: On the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the director journeys with his father, that is suffering from Alzheimer, in a search for personal and collective memories. The documentary tells the story of a man, Fausto Rossano, who died in 2012, last Director of the former Psychiatric Hospital Leonardo Bianchi of Naples, and of the founding of a nation, Italy, a nation that after 150 years still displays deep-seated divisions. From Naples to Gaeta, from Pietrarsa to Pontelandolfo all the way to Sicily, the itinerary meanders through historical phases to describe events that had been relegated to oblivion. A voyage in the company of Psychiatrist Fausto Rossano, who narrates a part of his own life and his commitment to closing the Bianchi and restoring an identity to persons who until that moment had lived in the sanatorium. A narration of personal and historical events that merge to acknowledge the importance of memory as a unique and valuable element in shaping the identity of an individual and of a people. Directed by Marco Rossano

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