Ryan Hall


Location sound

Durban, Durban Metro, South Africa

  • English


About me

I'm a creative thinking, highly motivated, freelance location sound recordist and final mix engineer based in Durban.

more about me...

Ryan Hall began his journey into sound as a final mix engineer for a production house in Johannesburg – mixing audio for a variety of reality shows on Vuzu and Mnet. A few years later, he broke free from the daily grind, moved to Durban, and began his life as a freelance final mix engineer. During this time he was offered a chance as a location sound recordist on a shoot, whereby he quickly sunk his ears into this exciting realm of sound. Throughout these past years as a location sound recordist, Ryan has gained a wealth of experience on location shoots for Documentaries, International TV shows, live shows, TV adverts and Corporate shoots – you will need to look at his credits for all the details.

Furthermore, on top of location sound recording, he still finds time for post-production studio work as well, giving him experience in audio from start to finish!

Website: http://www.ryanhall.co.za


  • Location sound


  • Sound Devices 633 (6 Channel Recorder / Mixer)
  • Sanken CS-3e microphone
  • Sennheiser wireless lapel systems
  • VT Lavaliers
  • K-tek graphite boom pole
  • Tentaclesync Timecode

More work locations

  • Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa