Ryq Peden


Composer, Editor / Cutter Audiovisual

Bloomington, Monroe County, United States


About me

I am passionate about filmmaking. I have a few different skill sets that I have developed by following this passion.

1. Music Composition: I have composed for short films and commercial projects; with both electronic instruments and for orchestras. I studied music performance and focused in film music.

2. Video Editing: I have edited many types of video for my own projects and for clients. Everything from wedding and music videos, to corporate training and short films.

3. Special Effects and Animation: I have created creatures and puppets for my own short films. I have a full stop-motion studio setup. My family is in on this too. We are currently working on animatronics, which is new for us. We hope to offer a wide range of services related to special effects in the future. If you have a job we could help with to build our skills, let us know.

And finally, I am always looking to learn new skills and challenge myself. I've done camera operation, grip work, lighting design, I have even directed all of my own projects. I know the protocol, I know how to communicate, and I even know my way around the gear. Let's make movies!

Website: http://www.ryqpeden.com


  • Composer
  • Editor / Cutter Audiovisual
  • SFX Company / Services

More work locations

  • Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, United States
  • Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, Canada