sarah harez



Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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  • Spanish,
  • Italian,
  • Portuguese


About me

First of all it’s nearly impossible to any success without being trustworthy.
I possess a wide range of abilities that combine innovative art and design principles, furthermore my knowledge of Adobe suite will allowed me to play a crucial role in the implementation of ideas initiatives.
As highly accomplished professional with a very good level of sensitivity understanding customer needs.
One of my principal peculiarity, when I’m working in a team, is to be totally clear in expressing my opinion and constantly truthful and transparent.
Managing for many years teamwork made me realized that one of the most important ingredients to create successful projects are the people you work with.
I have performed with success many times and I am an excellent trainer who achieves ongoing success by building morale, maintaining team’s self-confidence, and training them gave me the strength to build and improving their personal skills. Building life long loyality that come back many times over.
I am confident that my talents and abilities and I am prepared to learn and gain everythings is a new tip for my profile to excel in providing outstanding creative service.


  • Producer


  • adobe-premiere
  • color-correction
  • team-working
  • ability-travel
  • team-leadership
  • adobe-illustator
  • adobe-photoshop
  • fast-learner
  • cubase
  • adobe-after-effects
  • good-communicator
  • trustwothy
  • final-cut-7

More work locations

  • Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland
  • London, Greater London, United Kingdom