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Sergio Fernández Borras (La Habana, 1983), graduated from the National School of Arts in the specialty of acting in 2006. For 7 years worked as an actor in the Cuban theatre company “El Público” (The Public) directed by Carlos Díaz and in different Cuban films and short-films. His career made a turn when decided to study Sound Engineering at the "San Antonio de los Baños" International Cinema School. He has worked on the sound design of the shortfilm “Los Anfitriones”, prize in Cannes, in Cuban film“The Pool”, awarded in Morocco, Miami and Amsterdam as Best Debut fiction. His most recent work in sound desing was Bones of Contention by Andrea Weiss screening in Berlin Film Festival in 2017. “Materia Prima” (Raw Material) will be his first film as film maker and producer after graduated. This short documentary was screened in FIDOC, Festival Internacional de Cine de La Habana, and other films festival.



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