Tammy Fouts


Camera operator

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, United States


About me

I’m Tammy Fouts. My "live life to the fullest" motto is evident in my smile, strength and integrity. My interests in adventure and competitive sports have created an insatiable desire for travel, scuba diving, sailing, long-distance running and various other outdoor ventures. Combining these with my passion for cinematography and photography, it has become a synergy for success.

Achieving goals fuels the personal desire to do more. As a trained and certified technician with most major underwater cinematography systems, I pursue underwater camera work as an operator. I have completed scuba certifications as Naui open-water, Padi advanced diver, nitrox, rescue diver and underwater cinematographer. Soon certifications as dive master and freediver will add to these accomplishments. I am also an experienced drone operator and partner with FAA approved pilots.

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  • Camera operator