Thaïs Tarragó van Wijk


Attorney specialized in audiovisuals

Barcelona, Barcelona, España


About me

What I mainly do is entertainment law and commercial contract drafting and negotiation, also design and implementation of strategies for protection and defense of intangible assets and for Intellectual Property (trademarks, designs, copyright) and image & publicity rights, as well as conducting legal audits and due diligence on intangible assets and rights.
I play the part of the business & legal key person in many independent audiovisual productions from the earliest moment of their inception until their completion, drafting all kinds of agreements and participating in negotiations with counterparts for the acquisition, rights clearance, creation, development, production, co-production, licensing and exploitation of IP-based audiovisual, multimedia, licensing, merchandising and publishing products, as well as designing and implementing the related IP portfolio protection and enforcement strategies, in all cases both at domestic and international level.
My contribution to any project is not only the obvious knowledge of the law and legal/language/drafting skills but also my strategic knowledge and vision in the relevant markets and situations.
International matters take up about half my professional time. I have full professional proficiency in both English and Spanish, and I have a moderate command of Italian and French.


  • Attorney specialized in audiovisuals