Veronica Baracchi


DOP (director of photography)

Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, United States

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About me

Hypnotized by photography from a young age, I consider it a reference point in myself, for the stories and the methods that are behind every shot and for the joy that I live in front of a beautiful composition.

Along the years, I have cultivated this vocation of mine on the side by shots, books, travels, museums, exhibitions, experiences . When the time came to choose the academic training I found natural to choose the seventh art, keeping in mind that we are in the business of selling stories is the one that technically deepens more the photographic techniques but also reinforce it with subjective elements and other disciplines, for the purpose of the artistic creation.

I'm not a person who is intimidated the complexity of a project, rather it is stimulating to me the challenge to achieve (given the budget limitations) the absolute compromise between art, technique and the required organization by using all the technology and human resources at my reach for the artistic creation, the attention to details and the solution of problems.

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  • DOP (director of photography)