Xoana Barbosa Rey


Assistant production coordinator

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

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About me

My name is Xoana and I've lived at London for the past four years. I have just left my job as content operations coordinator at Discovery Networks and have previously worked as a production coordinator, production assistant, creative services intern, runner and video editor, all of which has given me significant relevant experience. I have a Diploma in film and TV production, TV live production and direction from EISV (Vigo, Spain) and an Avid Media Composer and technical equipment certificate from CTV (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).
I just left my job at the operations team at Discovery because I moved back to Spain.In my job I was making sure all the schedules were up to date with all the languages for the different territories and that the invoices were accurate. I have previously worked for the creative services department of Vubiquity. The department produced promotional trailers for films and distributes them to TV channels around the world. I coordinated the preproduction, production and deliveries for the clients, of which there are 27 in total. I did all the bookings for the staff trying to reduce our number of Online Editor Freelancers to the minimum and using the facilities from early in the morning to late in the evening, booking and contacting agencies for VO artists and Freelancers. Also, I worked closely with Finance to make sure all the invoices are correct and paid on time and keeping a track of all of them. used ScheduAll to set the details of each new piece of work, enter commissions and set deadlines to make sure all our promos get delivered on time. As our Production Manager left the company recently I was acting as a Production Manager making sure all the commission were entered in ScheduAll on time and allocate all the promos to our Producers and all the Freelancers needed. Also, made sure all the work flows were followed and everyone was aware of any change.
In addition to managing this production process I had a number of other important duties. These include supervising voice over recording sessions, liaising with all account managers and the clients themselves about upcoming requirements, managing the studio booking schedule and, perhaps most importantly, monitoring the cost of the account to ensure the budget wasn’t exceeded while still maintaining the highest possible quality of work.
I believe I am well suited to a career in media. I am naturally well-organized with high attention to detail, I enjoy working under pressure and I am a good problem solver.

Yours sincerely,

Xoana Barbosa Rey

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xoana-barbosa-518b4a96/


  • Assistant production coordinator


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