Yassmine Othman


Actor / Actress

Madrid, Madrid, España


About me

Born in Agadir, Morocco multicultural (Moroccan Turkish Spanish and French Portuguese) I was raised between Morocco and the United States where I began performing arts in theater. . .later followed by film and commercials . . .

Being multilingual (English, French, Italian, Spanish, some Portuguese and Moroccan Arabic and also some Catalan and Valenciano) I also have the willingness to adapt to different accents and idioms of the languages that I speak. Thanks to my multifacet, I'm able to perform any role but my favorites are Comedy, Drama and Thriller. I have studied performing arts in various schools El Jinete Verde, Escuela de Cine Verità, Escuela de Cine Enfoca, Central de Cine...all in Spain.

I'm experiences in theater, film, tv, commercials, voice-over and dubbing.

Available international.

Website: http://www.yassmineothman.com/english.html

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  • Actor / Actress