Production is generally not considered a department as such, but rather as a series of functional groups. These include the film's producers and executive producers such as the production manager, the production coordinator, and their assistants; the various assistant directors; the accounting staff; and sometimes the locations manager and their assistants. wikipedia

Production members

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    Production Company / Services
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    Audiovisual Productions
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    Production secretary, Administrative (office)
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    Production Company / Services
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Production projects

Production jobs

  • FROM 26-11-2016 TO 26-11-2017 STARTED!

    New York, United States

    Production - Executive producer

    Story of the movie: Genre: Horror, Action. Duration: 1h, 30 min. The sins of the 15 Century make us pay for it now, Elisabeth a tennager who was burned that time. Now Elisabeth comes back 6 Centuries later creating pain, emotional scars, blood and darkness. Sara is the only one who can stop all this madness with her co-workers Mark and Sam, Sara has a story misteriously in common. ...

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