Anaïs Llácer


Assistant Director (1st.)

Barcelona, Barcelona, España

  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Catalan,
  • Italian


About me

Let me tell you a little bit of my story. I am Anaïs Llácer from Barcelona I am a freelance audiovisual producer and I'm looking for new opportunities to improve my career, my skills and live my dream as a filmmaker storyteller.

I´m a creative self-shooting filmmaker who worked several years making video productions for companies, communication agencies also as a TV director and internet's shows.

My experience as a camera operator began when I was at university. I started filming several videos 7 years ago. Since then, my experience grew up year after year since I was working for locals and nationals tv shows, privates companies, brands and also my own costumers around the country.

I manage client´s video projects from inception to completion stage with a planning and executing production along with postproduction editing.

My years as a student provided me , on one hand, a huge knowledge about communication and the key to know how to build a message. On the other hand, and in my different jobs I´ve learned to manage large shoots and crews within a budget that able me to provide a depth technical awareness of shooting equipment and appropiate formats.

I have many years experience in video production and creating content and also three years of experience in live programas for tv and internet, let me tell you:

On the one hand, as a executive producer and director of Aureal Films production company where with small team we make audiovisual projects from conception of the idea, finding suppliers, conducting budgets and crew hire until the diffusion in social networks. We are specialiced in storytelling for brands and creating specific content for social networks.

Furthermore, as a program co-ordinator and production director for content agency, Gordon Seen, where I worked in the weekly programs "Etiquetats" and "Visto lo visto for TV3 Channel.

My task in these productions was to coordinate all the production and setup all technician elements of the program, talking and negotiating also overseeing each department in its pre-production, during the live and in post-production process.

A pressure work as they are live shows where each element must be on time and orchestrated: from actors, guest,crew, light department, art, music, video, script even catering and also attention to sponsors. A exciting job where I had to react quickly and try to take the best decisions against the contingences with a creatives solutions.

I think I can transfer my experience to any project because I have de knowledge not only to move people, but to get them to act (crews, audiences, suppliers...) And I commit to bring all my knowledge to any project also my own contacts with suppliers from diferent disciplines (actors, ligthting, sound, art, catering...) and enough multitasking knowledge to supervise the work.

I consider my self an enthusiastic and motivated person who spread their enthusiasm to others. I always try to bring out the best from the team I work with, taking care about their necessities and dealing with egos.

I am a person eager to learn and propose new challenges. Taking risk and having mistakes is a way to learn. Learn and teach my team so that together we could make a great job.

I really enjoy learning about this world. That is why I like to travel and meet different people and different mind-thinkers. I always have a open-mind ready to listen a story that help me to have a innovate thinking and also able me to focus my sight where nobody else does, where the details belong, where the story is waiting.



  • Assistant Director (1st.)


  • productioncoordination
  • videoart
  • full-production-sevice
  • proactive
  • multitasks
  • shortfilm
  • assisting
  • photography
  • dslr-filming
  • adobe-premiere
  • final-cut
  • tv-production
  • camera-operator
  • editor
  • scriptwritig
  • photoshop


  • Canon 7D
  • Tascam DR-60D MkII
  • Manfrotto