Paco Ferrari Cinematographer


DOP (director of photography), Camera operator

Ibiza, Balearic Islands, 07800

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About me

From a young age I loved the world of photography so I started to work as an Photographic Assistant for a fashion photographer in Carpi.
Step by step I learned, grew my roles and experience into the audiovisual world, until in 2011, I debuted as a director of photography in my first long feature film Hindi film (Eaters).
I learned to manage scarce resources and work dynamically on Eaters. Since then I have always sought to maintain a variety in my work across formats, genres and budgets.
Some of the most prominent projects are:
Fist of jesus (short)
The pop Wizard (discovery channel)
The great illusion (discovery channel)
Beautiful people (Raven Banner)
Orbita laica the new generation (Spanish television)
Spot environment (Government Marocco)


  • DOP (director of photography)
  • Camera operator
  • Photographer


  • adobe-photoshop
  • davinci-resolve-12
  • adobe-cc


  • sony alfa 7s
  • rig Genus with follow focus
  • 24-105 f4 Canon lens
  • 50 f1.4 canon lens
  • 100 macro f2.8 Canon lens